Caupert Joseph

Année de nomination : 2011      Dossier n° 12132A -  Consulter le dossier de Jérusalem (en anglais)

Les Justes

Père Joseph Caupert
Date de naissance : 1888
Date de décès : 19/05/1950
Profession : Prêtre
Particularité : Information non disponible


Localite : Mende
Département : Lozère
Région : Languedoc-Roussillon
Pays : France

Cérémonies de reconnaissance

Date : 28 février 2012
Lieu : Yad Vashem Jérusalem (91034)

Remise de la médaille des Justes parmi les Nations ; Aux ayants droit de Marie Rose HERMANTIER (Soeur Marie Emilienne) et de Joseph CAUPERT, honorés à titre posthume.

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Personnes sauvées

Mme Gaby Hochman

Mme Annie Hochman

Lieux de mémoire

Allée des Justes à Jérusalem
Allée des Justes à Paris


David and Héla-Zissa Hochman immigrated to France from Poland in 1923. They settled in Metz, where their children Annie and René were born. In 1940, with the German occupation of France, the Hochmans fled to Nice, where their youngest daughter Gabrielle (Gaby) was born. 
In September 1943, as Germany occupied the territories that were previously under Italian control, the Hochmans decided to place their children in the hands of the OSE - a Jewish humanitarian organization which operated in France. Having done so, David and Héla-Zissa found a place for themselves to hide in. But on one occasion Héla-Zissa went out to visit her children and was caught by the Gestapo. She was transported to Auschwitz, where she was murdered on November 2nd, 1943. 
The children were no longer safe, and had to be moved. Their uncle, a Catholic, was able to find the two girls a place at an orphanage in the town of Mendé. The orphanage, La Providence, was run by nuns and sheltered several members of the resistance.
Father Joseph Caupert, director of the orphanage, and the head nun Sister Marie-Rose (Augustine Brugeron) were fully aware of the Annie and Gaby's Jewish identity, and kept it a secret. Sister Marie-Emilienne (Marie Hermantier) was the only nun who knew of the girls' true identity, and was responsible for keeping Annie hidden in times of danger; Gaby was under the responsibility of another nun, who was not in the know. Annie and Gaby spent 14 months in La Providence. 
After the war, David reunited with his daughters and his son, who had been in hiding elsewhere. They never spoke amongst themselves about their experiences during the war years. It was only much later, in the 1990's, that Gaby began to look into the circumstances of her survival, of which she was oblivious. With the help of Aloumim, an Israeli organization of Jewish survivors who were hidden in France as children, Gaby applied to the OSE and was able to find out the name of the institution in which she was hidden. In La Providence she also found lists in which her and her sister's names were documented. In 1994 Gaby went to France and met with Sister Marie-Emilienne. Three years later, a plaque was unveiled in Mendé commemorating the rescue efforts and the members of the institution' involvement in the resistance.

On 21 June 2011 Yad Vashem recognized Joseph Caupert, Augustine Brugeron (Sister Marie-Rose) and Marie Hermantier (Sister Marie-Emilienne) as Righteous Among the Nations.